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Our professional consultants can help guide you through the challenges of small business startup and management operations. Through one-on-one, confidential meetings, you end up with customized solutions that work for you.

Cloud Computing Support & Migration To Take Your Business to the Next Level:

Email Server

Microsoft 365

We will setup and configure your Microsoft mail server admin account and add  users, perform maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting of your cloud email server.

Gmail Workspace

Need help in setting up and maintaining gmail for business? We can setup all your accounts online and configure your laptop and mobiles to receive emails.

File Server


Seamlessly and securely have  files stored, shared and  backed up on your cloud Sharepoint server. We will setup and train you to use the product effectively .

Sharepoint works in the back end  as a file server with Microsoft Teams as the front end application. All data from your Teams channel is saved securely in Sharepoint.


Microsoft Teams, Zoom

We suggest our clients to use Microsoft teams for work, as Microsoft has integrated email, file server and teams to help you work efficiently with your entire office or external users.

For those not using Microsoft for meetings, we can setup Zoom for your company. It should be noted though, that Zoom has very limited features when it comes to collaboration and is mostly used for video or voice chatting.

Storage Solutions


Access all your personal files on your computer via the cloud. Work with documents on the cloud, no need of having Microsoft office on your laptop or device.

Dropbox & Google Drive

Sync and work with all files remotely or on your laptop. Not feature rich as Onedrive. We can setup and configure Dropbox or Google Drive admin account on the cloud.

Cloud Migration

Azure & AWS

Let us help you move your data and applications from your office to the cloud. Work anytime anywhere securely using multifactor authentication. No need for VPN or office servers and firewalls.

We can migrate your entire office infrastructure to the cloud or move a part of it to the cloud in a hybrid configuration.

Cloud Design

Azure & AWS

We provide cloud design using best industry standards. Book a free appointment with one of our  consultants, so that we can understand your project requirements and thus provide you with a robust solution within your budget.

We can suggest to either implement Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS or both depending on your business needs.

Our specialists will implement our proven approach to make the most out of your IT investments and save you from countless unnecessary expenses. Talk to us today!

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Onsite and Remote IT Support for small businesses in the UK

Server Support

Microsoft Server 2016 to 2019

We provide complete support for all your office servers and regularly monitor and update servers, so that server downtime is kept to the absolute minimum.

Desktop & Laptop Support (MAC & PC)

Windows 10 and MAC OS

Need to setup or MAC or Windows devices? we provide support in troubleshooting or connecting your devices to your office server or cloud

Network & Printer Setup plus Support

Printer |WiFi | LAN | Firewall | Router

We provide support for connecting or networking of printers or Multifunction devices . Connect to printers through cables or WiFi. Setup and support of LAN, routers and firewall .

Email Support

Microsoft 365

We provide setup and support for your emails on Microsoft outlook. We can install and setup email accounts on your devices

Gmail Workspace

Call our staff for help in setting up your Microsoft outlook to work with your Gmail workspace account. or if you need to migrate from Microsoft to Gmail

Microsoft Office Support

Word, Excel, Powerpoint

 We have expertise in installing troubleshooting and supporting Microsoft Office products. We can offer support for various versions, starting from  Microsoft Office  2010 to Microsoft 365.

We can help you  upgrade from one version of Microsoft Office to another.


CRM, Accounts, Software & Database Support

Microsoft Teams

We understand that companies not only need help and support with emails, data or infrastructure, but they also need support for various applications. 

We can install, troubleshoot and backup  CRM, Accounting Software, Legacy Software and Database Applications. 


Microsoft Teams

We support in setting up  and training clients on using Teams to effectively work with people inside and outside the organisation


Learn to setup and use Zoom on laptop as well as mobile devices.

Data Storage


Sync files from your personal device to the cloud. Store all your company personal files here and share files with others or download files as required.

Google Drive / Dropbox

Sync and Store files with above technologies on the cloud, but be aware the storage drives are not user friendly in editing and viewing Microsoft based documents.

Data backup & Recovery

Data Backup

We will setup your computer or laptop to automatically backup data as well as backup the entire system including programs

Data Recovery

In case of a disaster like data corruption or hardware issue, get up to speed with out data recovery and restore plan.